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Supporting Effective Independent Learning & Revision

The attached may be of use in general for learning but especially revising.

Top Tips for Effective Revision FINAL
It is a starting point only but gives some ideas…

Students might also:

1. talk with their teachers about subject-specific revision (the “what” and the “how”);

2. see websites such as:

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Aspiring to Higher Education – Russell Group Universities

Life is not all about university – but it is fun and a very rewarding educational experience which opens lots of doors!

This Youtube link might get students at GCSE and A-level, in particular, thinking about the future.

It might help raise aspiration:

On the left of this page is a series of links to those high-performing universities in the Russell Group.

This is not an endorsement (and it is recognised that university or RG universities are not for all) but it is food for thought…

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This website is aimed at all those who have an interest in the learning experiences of North Leamington School’s higher attaining TAG students.

It centres on:

  1. developing awareness;
  2. raising aspirations;
  3. supporting enrichment;
  4. enhancing teaching & learning.

North Leamington is an inclusive school dedicated to the comprehensive philosophy.

In part, this means that every learner is of equal value and has the right to an equality of opportunity.

As with any and every student, these opportunities need to be geared towards the needs and abilities of the individual – even though we have targetted TAG or “higher attainers”, we are acutely aware that each student is a unique person with nuances of character, specific interests and someone who is entitled to have particular challenges supported by teaching staff and others.

Our work here and elsewhere is aimed at higher attainers but it is not exclusive: it complements the work done for other learners and is potentially available to anyone who chooses to access it.

We hope that you enjoy this website and find it useful in ensuring stretch and challenge for higher attaining TAG students.

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