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Warwick University Chemistry

A number of talented Sixth Form chemists have just returned from a subject-led trip to Warwick to experience learning in a university department:


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Clare College, Cambridge

A number of students recently visited Clare College, Cambridge. The purpose of the trip was to raise aspirations and to access Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) regarding applying to Russell Group universities (see the links to such universities on the left-hand side of this website…

Behaviour was first rate and interest shown commendable!

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BBC Media Report Video


The talented media students in Y7-9 nominated by their teachers have produced an EXCELLENT video for their BBC Media Report – part of a nation-wide competition.

Well done all and thanks to Mrs Miles:


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BBC News Report Event

A number of lower-school students (identified by their teachers as having a talent and passion for media) were this week involved in the national BBC News Report event:

The pictures below record part of the process while the outcome (the video etc) is to follow.

Well done to Mrs Miles, other staff and, of course, the students involved!

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TAG Bulletin #3

The 3rd half-termly TAG Bulletin can be found by clicking on the link:

TAG Bulletin 03

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Y11 TAG Study Skills

A number of students have today been engaged in an “Unlocking Potential” event.

Aimed at discovering individual motivations and goals, exploring generic study skills strategies but then also personalising approaches according to the stated goals and student contexts (being TAG etc), the two-hour session was very well-received by the Y11 boys involved.

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Sutton Scholars

Three students have been successful in their applications to Warwick University’s Sutton Scholars scheme.

This affords them the opportunity to see what life is like at university and to stretch & challenge themselves in all the learning activities which are on offer there during their time in Y8 and in Y9.

They will join with other TAG students from across the Midlands having done extremely well in a competitive application process.

It is about aspiration, enrichment and developing independent learning…

Well done Lauren, Sehar and Josh:

DSCN1001 DSCN1002 DSCN1003

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Super Learning

Talents, abilities and gifts are more earned and learned rather than inherited.

On our Super Learning Days, we offer all students an opportunity to discover, develop and enhance skills in a range of areas.

The pictures below (thanks to Gurdev) give a flavour of all the excellent work facilitated by our committed staff and accessed so well by our amazing students:

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Independent Learning Programme

Y7-9 students on the “gifted” part of our TAG Register (plus a couple of invitees in order to be as inclusive as possible) recently participated in an Independent Learning Programme.

Students attended 3 sessions with a view to investigating ways to be more independent and to learn more deeply:

1. ICT to Stretch & Challenge “gifted learners” (Mr Bal);

2. The Library to Stretch & Challenge “gifted learners” (Mrs Maiden);

3. Questions linked to Bloom’s Taxonomy to Stretch & Challenge “gifted learners” (Mr Taylor).

Attached are some of the pictures as well as the PowerPoint for the latter session:

Independent Learning Programme Y7-9

On a separate post below, students can find links to all the websites Mr Bal highlighted.

Well done all!

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