Outstanding Results!

Congratulations to both our Sixth Form and Y11 cohorts!

In Y12, there was a significant 10% increase in the proportion of the top A*-B grades. Meanwhile, there was a similarly impressive 9% increase in Y13.

In Y11, our 56 GCSE TAG students performed brilliantly: the average TAG student’s average result in their top 8 subjects including English & Maths was A-grade! In other words, the average TAG student secured 8 A grades at GCSE.

39.2% of all students (TAG or otherwise) in Y11 secured 3+ A*-A grades and a terrific 17% of the whole cohort (c.35 of the 199 Y11 students) achieved 7+ A*-A grades.

All of this is set in a context of outstanding results for all students in Y11 – a real testimony to our commitment to Stretch & Challenge for All (of which TAG is a part)…


In terms of their progress against personal targets, there was also a cause for celebration: there was a very positive “value added”, meaning that, taken as a collective of 56, each student posted higher grades than the ambitious “stretch & challenge” targets set for them.

A wonderful achievement: all thanks to the efforts of staff, parents or carers, the wider community and, of course, the students!



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