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Unlocking Potential Event

Working with a number of our Y11 TAG students, today’s Unlocking Potential event was about inspiration, aspiration and practical strategies for achieving goals.

With six students (three male and three female) in attendance (with another two rounds due later in the academic year), the session involved  a range of interactivities – as well as a few extrinsic rewards for those who were especial “heroes”…

Well done all!

IMG_3579 IMG_3580


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Alternative Curriculum Day

Replacing our Super Learning Days, the Alternative Curriculum Days are an opportunity for faculties to decide how best to spend time with their students.

This might include Controlled Assessment catch-up; learning intervention; enrichment opportunities such as making paracetamol in laboratory conditions; taster sessions giving an insight in to Sixth Form learning; Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) in relation to GCSE options etc.

Central to our planning was distribution of leadership to faculties and whole-school priority leaders, personalisation of the curriculum, high quality teaching and learning but also the belief that talents, abilities and gifts can be learned, acquired and developed!

Here are just some pictures of the excellent range of experiences had.

Well done all!







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Oxbridge Calling…

This year has seen the highest ever number of applications to Oxford and Cambridge University in the history of North Leamington School.


Thirteen of the highest achieving students at the school have applied for a range of courses at Oxford and Cambridge, including Maths, Physics, Veterinary Medicine and Philosophy. To assist the students in their application process, the school have provided a programme of specialist support, including visits from lecturers at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge and Keble College at Oxford to provide specialist support with personal statement writing and the Oxbridge entry tests.

Additionally the Cambridge University applicants are attending an interview preparation day at Clare College in November. Head of sixth form Rob Morey said “To have this number of students in the position to apply for Oxbridge and stand a realistic chance of success is testament to their hard work and dedication over a number of years at NLS with the support and encouragement from their teachers and the 6th form team. As a school we are proud of the achievements of all our students in the 6th form whether they go on to secure a University place, go on to prestigious apprenticeships with the likes of JLR and Rolls Royce, Foundation College courses or suitable employment.”

For the last three years, NLS’s results have seen them identified as one of the highest performing schools in the whole country in terms of progress made. Results this year have been the best yet and have bucked many national trends – the school’s 5+ A*-C GCSE measure stands at 74%. Meanwhile, the Sixth Form results themselves are increasingly very impressive – see, for example, the 9% increase in A*-B grades in Y13 this year.

As a school, NLS is incredibly proud and confident that more and more students will be able choose to apply to jobs, apprenticeships and universities of the very highest calibre. We support, stretch & challenge ALL learners to be the best they can be!

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Royal Society of Chemistry Trip!

“If living things, including us, are just made of chemicals, then we should be able to create life in a beaker”.

A number of NLS students joined Prof Peter Sadler of Warwick University as he attempted to do just that!

“Which elements of the periodic table are essential for life? Are they all coded for by genomes, and if so how?”

Students in attendance at this Royal Society of Chemistry event discovered that there are many things about the elements of life and medicines that we do not understand such as the fact that “the inorganic chemistry of life is relatively unexplored and may hold the key to treating intractable diseases and to understanding the origin of life itself” [IGGY].

Many thanks to the Chemistry team and Mr Reyat for organising this…

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BBC Media Trip

The lower-school students who did such a brilliant job back in March yesterday had the chance to visit the BBC studios in Coventry.

The day aimed to give them a better insight in to broadcast journalism and to serve as something of a reward for their hard work – hopefully, it will also add as an incentive for them to be involved in the 2016 event!

Thanks to the students, Mrs Miles and Mr Reyat…

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