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A*-A GCSE Master Class #2 – Higher Order Skills, Questions and Writing Approaches

The second of our A*-A GCSE Master Classes took place today.

Focusing on knowing the sort of skills demanded of higher order thinking,  the types of questions you can ask yourself and others or which you may face in an exam situation, the session also explored writing techniques linked to the skills.

See the attached PowerPoint and document to help you recall or if you missed the session…

Master Class on Higher Order Questions and Skills

PEAICE Teaching Model

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A*-A GCSE Master Classes

We are offering a series of 8 A*-A Grade GCSE Master Classes to our TAG Students:

What? Who? Where? When?
Functional Exam Skills and Marginal Gains for A*-A


CH – with ST introducing programme Library Monday, 22nd February VT
Higher Order Thinking/Self-Questioning to Secure A*-A


ST Lecture Theatre Monday, 29th February VT
A*-A Grade Learning Behaviours – A Self-Diagnostic: Are you doing all you need to?


JS Lecture Theatre Monday, 7th March VT
Literacy, Connectives, Planning and the Big-Mark Questions to Secure A*-A


SM Lecture Theatre Monday, 14th March VT
Effective Revision and Independent Learning Strategies for A*-A Students


GC Lecture Theatre Monday, 4th April VT
Numeracy to Support A*-A: Maths and Science Applications


MC Lecture Theatre Monday, 11th April VT
The PiXL 5-Part Deconstruction & Reconstruction Model to Support A*-A Performance: Reduce, Transform, Prioritise, Categorise, Extend


ST (possibly with pilot teachers) Lecture Theatre Monday, 18th April VT
Well-being: High Challenge, High Support and Thinking About Your Self


LK Lecture Theatre Monday, 25th April VT


Attached is a link to the PowerPoint provided by Miss Howard – who ran the first session today on Marginal Gains…

Marginal Gains Session Miss Howard

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Cambridge Calling!

The school is delighted that Jenny in our Sixth Form has won a place at Pembroke College, Cambridge to study Veterinary Science!

This is a brilliant achievement – well done to all concerned and especially Jenny…


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Sutton Scholar

We’re delighted that Warwick University have selected another Sutton Scholar from the ranks of NLS.

The Sutton Scholar Programme is based over at the university and supports higher attaining students with a range of great events involving similar students from other schools.

Joe in Y8 is out latest successful applicant – in what is a challenging, competitive process.


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World Class Basics

Some of our talented Y7 drama students have made a video about our World Class Basics in readiness for the launch of this important initiative.

The NLS World Class Basics are a series of behaviours and expectations we collectively feel underpin effective teaching & learning and whole-school success.

Made up by staff and students, this video outlines the process and outcome and will lead in to the launch due in the new term…




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