A*-A GCSE Master Classes

We are offering a series of 8 A*-A Grade GCSE Master Classes to our TAG Students:

What? Who? Where? When?
Functional Exam Skills and Marginal Gains for A*-A


CH – with ST introducing programme Library Monday, 22nd February VT
Higher Order Thinking/Self-Questioning to Secure A*-A


ST Lecture Theatre Monday, 29th February VT
A*-A Grade Learning Behaviours – A Self-Diagnostic: Are you doing all you need to?


JS Lecture Theatre Monday, 7th March VT
Literacy, Connectives, Planning and the Big-Mark Questions to Secure A*-A


SM Lecture Theatre Monday, 14th March VT
Effective Revision and Independent Learning Strategies for A*-A Students


GC Lecture Theatre Monday, 4th April VT
Numeracy to Support A*-A: Maths and Science Applications


MC Lecture Theatre Monday, 11th April VT
The PiXL 5-Part Deconstruction & Reconstruction Model to Support A*-A Performance: Reduce, Transform, Prioritise, Categorise, Extend


ST (possibly with pilot teachers) Lecture Theatre Monday, 18th April VT
Well-being: High Challenge, High Support and Thinking About Your Self


LK Lecture Theatre Monday, 25th April VT


Attached is a link to the PowerPoint provided by Miss Howard – who ran the first session today on Marginal Gains…

Marginal Gains Session Miss Howard

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