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Ski Trip 2017 Video

While not an exclusively TAG student event, Ski Trip 2017 was all about providing the opportunity for students to develop a range of talents, abilities, gifts – we believe these qualities are more-so learned rather than strictly innate.

See the video here, giving a flavour of what a terrific group did all week.

Forms for Ski Trip 2018 are in Student Services and places are selling quickly…


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ACD #2 2016-17

Our 2nd Alternative Curriculum Day (ACD) of the year saw a terrific range of learning activities.

As said before, we firmly believe that talents, abilities and gifts are largely developed through experiences and self-application – ACD is about raising the aspirations and developing experiences of all our learners so that talent, ability and gift is fostered…

Y7 – undertook some terrific Performance-based activity as well as Careers-oriented work

Y8 – some TAG students “unlocked potential” while others were engaged in a brilliant SBS event

Y9 – studied some vital aspects of their RE curriculum

Y10 – explored future pathways in a terrific, interactive setting

Y11 – did some science and technology-related learning which engaged and enthused all!

Sixth Form – were involved in a range of alternative learning experiences.

These pictures give a mild flavour – well done all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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