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Ski Trip Video 2018 – Student Version

A couple of our terrific lower-school boys (Nathaniel and Adam) have made this video of Ski Trip 2018!

What is especially good, perhaps, is the sense of narrative – the way the story builds up and closes down through the use of careful editing.

A whole-school Ski Trip 2018 Video will follow but well worth sharing this great creative effort.

With 34 students and Mr Taylor, Mr Royle, Miss Murphy and Mrs Bottrill in support, the progress seen throughout the week was massively impressive. In terms of behaviours, the school could not have expected any more as all students were great. We even had some sun!

This was a real “stretch & challenge for all” event as it incorporated exciting, demanding and developmental real-world experiences relating to sport, culture, language, team work and more for a real range of students!


NLS SKI 2018


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HAT Peer Mentoring

A number of last year’s very successful Y11 students (formerly TAG students now in Y12) shared the benefits of their experiences and wisdom with some of our Y10 HAT boys.

Over a 4 month period, the Y12 students have used the Learning Conversation model as well as other approaches to support learners in doing even better in their studies.

The outcomes have been really positive in terms of the qualitative feedback and sessions have also impacted positively on the attainment outcomes for the group of Y10 students – in addition, it is something the Y12 can put towards their UCAS or other applications (and, importantly, they can also feel the warm glow of having helped other people!)

Well done all!



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Elevating Y11!

A recent Y11 event called ELEVATE sought to support some of our Y11 cohort in identifying immediate goals and action plans as we approach this all important examination period.

Mr Atkins, Mr Taylor and Mrs Callipo joined the students and were all pleased with the commitment demonstrated.

A follow-up session happens this half-term on Thursday, 19th April from P3…

Good luck with the ‘final push’!

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