Warwick University Scholars

NLS is delighted that two students (Luca and Freddie) have been selected to be involved in Warwick University’s prestigious Warwick Scholar Programme.

This achievement involved the students in an application process where they had to demonstrate

how they are particularly able students and why they should have access to the university’s facility.

It is a competitive process so this is a real accolade – well done boys!


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Independent Learning Websites – S&C For All

Some great S&C websites for Independent Learning can be found here:

Using the Online World to Support you in your learning as a Student

They cover a range of subject areas and are suitable for a range of learners…

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Alternative Curriculum Day


Our most personalised, diverse ACD yet…

With Y7 involved in SBS and castle building as well as Unlocking Potential, Y8 exploring careers and GCSE options, Y9 investigating RE topics and careers, Y10 on a STEM event with lots of practical activity and Y11 undertaking a myriad array of activities linked to personal need (Geography Field Trip work, RM, Media, German, Art, English learning experiences…) it was a breath-taking day in many ways!


Meanwhile, Sixth Formers undertook a huge range too – things that will support their immediate, exciting futures.

These pictures give a mild flavour of all the excellent efforts…


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Command Words in Questions and Planning Written Responses

The resources here may be of help to many students – there are so many students who are verbally smart but sometimes:

  1. don’t respond to the specific demands of a question
  2. don’t know how to communicate their ideas on paper adequately

The resources require students to think about command words in questions, to be very clear on what is being demanded of them and to consider how to plan a written response.

The powerpoint (CH) is a stimulus because different subject areas may define the key, command words slightly differently. That said, it is a useful stimulus and demonstrates how key words can demand different levels of skill and be linked to different grades of question and, ultimately, different GCSE grades.

It is important to not only know what is being demanded but to be able to actually then structure an appropriate written response. The word documents give examples for RE (GC) and for English.

It is worth considering discussing this at home, with a Study Buddy and/or in consultation with subject teachers – especially where there is currently below-target performance.

How to structure an answer to a Religious Studies GCSE exam question

Ways to Structure Responses to English Paper 1 Question 5

Session 3- Decoding Exam Questions

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Teaching Theories for Stretch & Challenge

The attached offers a brief, interesting idea regarding Stretch & Challenge for all…

One central message seems to be: “the key to stretch and challenge is to pitch the learning at the higher ability learners”

Perhaps have a read, have a think and let me know views…

Stretch and Challenge – A stimulus for thinking

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ACD #3

Our 3rd and final ACD of the year offered various terrific experiences once more.

Pictures give but a flavour…


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Learning Beyond the Classroom and Learning in General

At last night’s very well-attended Parent Forum, we discussed learning in general (models for structuring and scaffolding learning) as well as Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBTC).

Attached here are the Powerpoints.

If you have any queries, leave a comment…

Parent Forum June 2017 Final Version

Parent Forum June 2017 LBTC


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Raising Aspirations Event

Our latest event aimed at Raising Aspirations for TAG students involved representatives from IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution).

Students had a great opportunity to quiz members of the IGD about their daily practices and the sorts of skills required to develop careers in the many fields which fall within their industry. They also undertook tasks which developed their skills-sets.

Thanks to Mrs Whelan-Davis for excellent organisation and to the students for their terrific contributions



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Ski Trip 2017 Video

While not an exclusively TAG student event, Ski Trip 2017 was all about providing the opportunity for students to develop a range of talents, abilities, gifts – we believe these qualities are more-so learned rather than strictly innate.

See the video here, giving a flavour of what a terrific group did all week.

Forms for Ski Trip 2018 are in Student Services and places are selling quickly…


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ACD #2 2016-17

Our 2nd Alternative Curriculum Day (ACD) of the year saw a terrific range of learning activities.

As said before, we firmly believe that talents, abilities and gifts are largely developed through experiences and self-application – ACD is about raising the aspirations and developing experiences of all our learners so that talent, ability and gift is fostered…

Y7 – undertook some terrific Performance-based activity as well as Careers-oriented work

Y8 – some TAG students “unlocked potential” while others were engaged in a brilliant SBS event

Y9 – studied some vital aspects of their RE curriculum

Y10 – explored future pathways in a terrific, interactive setting

Y11 – did some science and technology-related learning which engaged and enthused all!

Sixth Form – were involved in a range of alternative learning experiences.

These pictures give a mild flavour – well done all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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